Sick platy

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Sick platy

Postby finnyfi » Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:58 pm

Hi folks,

I noticed today that my female platy is sitting at the bottom of the tank, hardly moving her fins, dorsal and tail are down, very lethargic apart from breathing. She looks plump but not sure that she's pregnant. The rest of them seem fine. I don't want to lose this one, as I've had her from the start!

I've had the tank a year, I've got 7 platys (started with two). The pH has always been quite high, around 8.5, but I've been reducing that for over a month now when water changing, with pH down. It's now about 7.5. My water comes from a bore-hole but I treat with aquasafe anyway. I've just done a 6 in 1 test: NO3 and NO2 levels are safe; GH and KH are fine; pH is 7.6; and Cl2is just into the 0.8 which requires treatment, but has always shown this, so no change there.
The filter packed up on me tonight. I have just done a 1/5th water change to see if it helps, and stripped and rinsed the filter (stingray) in tank water. When I plugged it back in, nothing happened. While cleaning it I noticed it is beginning to get hard residue? that is difficult to remove, as well as the usual slime. It wasn't like that last month that I can remember.
The only recent new addition to the tank is two plants, both Echinodorus, that I got at the beginning of the week.

Think I've covered everything there. I've looked at various similar threads, but not sure what it is. I'd like to sort her out ASAP and can get to the petshop tomorrow if I need any treatments: can anyone help??
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Re: Sick platy

Postby Carylnz » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:13 am

Unfortunately it has been nearly a week and nobody has offered any suggestions. I imagine your fish has either improved, or died by now :(
There are so many variables it can be very difficult to pinpoint the cause of problems in fish. If it is one of a group, and the only fish affected, I tend to think it is an issue with the fish itself. If more than one, it is likely water quality. The average platy tends to last 3 - 5 years.
Do you have any idea how old the fish is? You have had it 1 year but was it full sized when purchased? It could be old age.
If she has been left to spawn every month, this will shorten her lifespan. If she has recently dropped fry she could be exhausted from constant male attention. What sex ratio do you have? You should have 1 male for every 2 or more females.
I suggest you stop using pH Up or Down to alter it as it usually results in constant pH swings (unless well buffered) which are worse than an "incorrect" pH. In my experience, most fish don't really care what the pH is, as long as it is stable. There are some that do have specific requirements, especially if they want to breed and raise fry, but the majority of widely available common species couldn't care less.
Did you find a white/grey scale in the filter? I wonder if it is limescale from the bore water.
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