Borneo Bumble Bee Goby Info

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Borneo Bumble Bee Goby Info

Postby UK-Dude » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:47 am

I have got two baby Borneo Bumble Bee Gobys in a 15L tank. I have got them from a online fish selling company *eBay* about 4 weeks ago. It says that there are "FRESHWATER" on selling page.
So i got two and they are doing very well in my 15L freshwater tank with out any problems at all. They are eating blood worms and small worms fine with at any problems.

The thing is i have been reading on sites about Bumble fish and some people say that they are brackish fish. They need salt in the water for them to live!
But some sites say they will be fine in freshwater and then some say there is more then one species and some are freshwater and don't need salt.

I'm getting a little lost on what is best.

Thank you :crazy4:
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Re: Borneo Bumble Bee Goby Info

Postby Rockfish » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:47 pm


If they seem to be doing well and are eating normally then they should be fine.

As you found, there are a number of species and they are not easy to tell apart, so even if you had a scientific name from the seller it might be difficult to determine if it was correct.

There are a couple of species that are reportedly found only in freshwater, and some live between fresh and brackish. The thing about brackish fish is that they are by definition adaptable to varied salinity, and there are quite a few species that will do well in freshwater as long as the water quality is good (and preferably harder/more alkaline).

I would just monitor their condition and appetite, and if either seem to deteriorate, try a 'tonic' level of salt, as that won't do any harm either way.

Remember there's lots of info at The Tropical Tank main site!
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