Either Rotting Or Regenerating

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Either Rotting Or Regenerating

Postby Cytoplasm » Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:32 pm

It is unfortunate that my first post had to be of this ilk, but if there hadn't been a problem then I wouldn't have been seeking the solution which brought me here. :)

I got a tropical tank for Christmas, and I set it up. After allowing it to do its thing for 3 days, as suggested, I put in some fish. 9 small ones, 3 different species - I'm unaware of the name, I just pointed at ones I liked out of a group that the pet shop owner recommended. A red clawed crab (I learned afterwards that those are only semi-aquatic and like salt water. Oops!), and a male Siamese fighter fish. For some reason, unknown to me, everything died apart from 2 of one species (call them species A) and one of the other (species B). I took a water sample in to a different fish shop (wasn't fully trusting of the one I had originally been to) and they said my water was fine. They were as perplexed as I was, and they gave me several Neon tetras for free as a test for likelihood of survival. If they lived, then whatever the problem is has probably been solved. Fortunately, the apparent fish armageddon seems to be at an end. Everything looks healthy now.

Possibly seems silly to assume that the problem is solved so early, but considering my tank went from 11 inhabitants to 3 in 3 days, I can assume that several days without a death is only a good thing.

My concern, though, is my fish of species B. He used to have a tail fin, but seemed unwell while everything around him died and, though he escaped with his life, he appears to be lacking this tail fin. In its place appears to be white fluff which is growing. I assumed this fluff, at first, was the snub of his tail - other fish must have spotted his weakness and attacked him- but it then the fluff grew larger. I can't tell if it is growing towards his head (as though rotting him away) or if it is growing back out to reform a tail (I'm unsure of the regenerative properties of fish, you see). It doesn't seem to be causing him obvious harm. He still swims about, albeit slowly at times, and is still eating. He's my wee trooper, and I've grown fond of his resilience - he gained a war wound but still he lives. It could become somewhat poetic, if I was skilled in the English language. Alas, I am not.

So I was hoping that somebody could shed some light on this problem, and perhaps offer some advice. Thanks!
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Re: Either Rotting Or Regenerating

Postby Carylnz » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:38 pm

Hi and welcome.
I suggest you click on The Tropical Tank logo at the top left of the page. It will take you to the Home Page and you will find a wealth of information on the correct way to set up a tank.
Particularly you need to read about cycling. http://thetropicaltank.co.uk/cycling.htm
Any shop that allows you to add 9 fish to a new tank (assuming they knew it had only been set up 3 days and you are not talking about 3cm fish in a 700L tank) is not one you should trust!
The fluff on the tail indicates a secondary infection on top of a wound.
If not bitten too close to the body a fish will re-grow a tail.
The fluff may be covering an infection or may have grown over what is now a healed area.
Catch the fish in a net and see if you can carefully remove the fluff to see what is underneath.
If it is looking red and infected, you will need to treat it with some anti-fungal medication.
Do not add any new fish for a couple of weeks and see what the water tests are like at the end of that time.
Do some research on the fish you like before you buy, and see if they are suitable for the size of your tank and compatible with the other inhabitants.
Generally speaking, Siamese Fighter males are better off in a small tank on their own as their tails are often a target for other fish and they are slower when it comes to getting food.
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Re: Either Rotting Or Regenerating

Postby Cytoplasm » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:18 pm

Thank you! Unfortunately, the fish died before I had time to help it. ;c Probably for the best, though, as it must have been very painful. The wound was huge in comparison to his body.

Everything else in my tank appears to be thriving. They eat plenty, and seem quite content just zooming around doing fish things. Here's hoping it lasts!
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