Worried with general tnk issues

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Worried with general tnk issues

Postby cgisaac » Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:23 pm

Hi, I have a couple of concerns I wonder if anyone can help me with...

First my set up: A 60l tank with good PH/nitrite/ammonia/nitrate readings. Established over 6 months. Real plants and bogwood.
Fish - 2 Honey Guaramis (colourful and territorial), 5 Harlequins (shoaling and growing nicely) and 3 Dwarf Chain Loaches (lively bottom dwellers although aggressive at times). Not overcrowded I presume? Tempterature is 26/27 according to LCD even though my heater is set at 24.

Problem 1 - Algae... Used to get stringy brown algae, that's gone now replaced by faster growing, deep racing green algae that is slimy on plants, and gravel bogwood and sides. Is it the summer light? my tank is unfortunately not fully protected from natural light due to my small flat. I use a T5 lamp and change 30% of water every week. I use plant food too - Plant Gro with Iron by nutrafin.

Problem 2 - fish behaviour... my fish have really slowed down recently, have become less active. They all come to life at feeding time though. Also I've just seen one of the Loaches sitting under bogwood, falling onto it's side, then correcting itself - looks shaken, I'm concerned. I've looked for white spot and cloudy eyes in all fish - nothing. They all appear healthy and full of colour. Could it be oxygen, pregnancy (there was some odd intertwined dancing going on a week ago) or am I over feeding (once in the morning and evening - the loaches eat los more than the other's so I feed for 2 minutes and try and make sure the other fish have some)?

Sorry I've waffled, any help by those still with me would be appreciated - I love those loaches!

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Postby Angel Fish » Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:51 pm

I'll try not to ask too many questions to start with as I know they can be really off putting.........but.......

Can you tell us the exact readings?
How much artificial light does the tank have (how many hours a day?)
Is the algae a blue/green colour?

What filter do you have?
Is it running ok?

I realise it's a pain in the neck having to go through the Spanish Inquisition, but honestly, it really does help :)
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Postby cgisaac » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:55 am

No that's fine if it helps...

I find the colour charts on the testing kit a bit ambigous sometimes as depending on the angle you view them they can give you a more generous reading. However:

PH - 8-8.5 always been hard (live in south east) but has also been stable.
Nitrate 10.5ish
Nitrite and Ammonia - no reading so I presum Zero.

I rinse the sponges in my Stingray Elite filter that came with tank every week when I change water. It seems to work fine and I try and keep 2cm between it's lip and the water surface.

I always put in dechlorinator Aqua Plus too.

The light is on from around 8am to 10pm give or take 2 hours (plug timer). So about 12 hours a day, this is to maximise plant growth - and so I can enjoy the fish in the morning and evening.

algae is a blue/green, deep colour - quite slimy too...

hope that helps...
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Postby krekra » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:13 am

Hi there and welcome :D Does your algea look like it is growing in sheets??

Check out the algea section on the main site hereand see if you can figure out what type it is. I suspect from the description so far that it is blue green Algea.

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Postby David » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:48 am

I believe dwarf chain loaches(yasuhikotakia sidthimunki) used to be part of the botia family, botia are famous for lying on their sides but i'm not sure if this is what yours is doing.

Also loaches are not to keen on bright light so i think you could be having your lgiths on too much which could be the reason the fish are hiding etc and the algae.

Have you lowed the temperature recently?

Have you changed lighting times?

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