bad water? and Sick Lemon Tetra?

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bad water? and Sick Lemon Tetra?

Postby kbochat » Tue Jul 03, 2007 4:44 pm

----I figured I should move this to the help section rather than beginners because it might be more urgent----

ok so I checked the numbers today and everything looks normal to me except the water condition

Softness = 75
total alkalinity = 300
PH = 8.4

The last two seem to be on the high scale

The straight from the tap is 7.8 ph and total alkalinity about the same slghtly lighter color but they don't have a color reading for that.

So I am guessing I need to make the water more acidic?

I am also trying to treat with erthromycin(sp?) which was suggested by the pet store. one of my tetras had a white spot/lump just in fron of the dorsel fin, but now it looks like almost an open sore. I tried taking a picture but it is hard to get him to sit still.

Any suggestions?
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