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Postby Carylnz » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:32 am

This is a link to the first day of a tour my husband and I went on with the MX5 Car Club. We went across the centre of the North Island and around the east cape.
Of particular interest may be our helicopter flight to White Island, an active volcano. We landed in the actual crater and walked around the whole area, peering into steaming vents and bubbling mud pools. ... t=2&page=1

We also visited Orakei Korako, a geothermal area. ... t=2&page=1

We then ziplined down flying foxes through a native forest ... t=2&page=1

Visited the Tawhiti Museum with its detailed dioramas of local history ... t=2&page=1

And rode on a trailer, towed by a tractor, down the beach to visit a gannet colony ... t=2&page=1

There are lots of scenic shots for those interested in that part of NZ and pics of all the other stuff we did.
We have come home to builders and concrete trucks as they are re-doing our driveway and laying more concrete paths, building a 43m fence along our back boundary, and replacing the gables at each end of the house.
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