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Postby Linz » Sat Jul 07, 2007 6:26 am

Hi Guys

Anyone else subscribe to this? I got collared into signing up to it for a year by a very enthusiastic sales girl - when she said all of the proceeds go to charity including the BLISS premature baby charity I just said "ok sign me up".

I just got the new issue of the magazine and was really suprised to see a full on feature about owning fish - and it was actually really informative and accurate.

OK, the article did not tell you how to successfully set up a tank, (it wasn't about that) but it did clearly tell you how to do water changes, rinse filters out, clean the substrate etc, and went into detail about what things can cause distress for the fish such as keeping large species in small tanks and low oxygen levels in the water etc.

You could tell the author was a fish lover who had annoyance at people keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl - he said "to buy a two inch fish without taking into consideration its eventual mature size of a metre is almost like buying a saint bernard puppy when living in a studio flat".

Anyway, I just thought it was refreshing to see an article focussed entirely on the well-being of the fish rather than talking about the actual species, tank accessories etc - this is the kind of article they should give out in LFS.

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