Wanted - Tank(s), West Kent

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Wanted - Tank(s), West Kent

Postby superfran » Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:03 pm

Hi all,

Well... I have what is rapidly becoming too many fish in my 65l and would like a larger tank before they get too big and it starts to cause them stress. It could measure up to 120cm in length (although probably less would be better!). Alternatively, I could use a 60l-ish sized tank for my kitchen but it would have to be under 30cm in height (including lid) to fit under the cupboards.

I am hoping someone here is upgrading their tank and can help me out for a reasonable price - I have tried ebay but there doesn't seem to be anything local and they rarely put sizes into their listings.

Empty is fine, with equipment even better, mature tank preferred and will consider re-homing fish if local enough to transport home.

Thank you for looking! :balloons:
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