any cuttings i could have?

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any cuttings i could have?

Postby delphine » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:38 am

starting to collect plants and cuttings for my larger tank (they will live in the smaller one till the bigger one is set and settled)
has anyone got some spare cuttings and plants i could have?
very happy to send a posted envelop or whatever needed.
happy to send some "house" plants cuttings in return if anyone is up for some (i always have spares and known on my street to leave some outside for all to take home)

i think i would be better with easier to keep plants (i had too many plants at home for... as long as i could reach the dirt without eating it but the plants in a tank is new to me) or a little note with where to put them in the tank and best way for them to be maybe.

i have tetras, danios, shrimps, khulis and snails.
there is one side of the tank that is more shaded than the other and i have spot lights i can more to light-up some plants more than the others.

thank you
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