tantora's Catappa Leaves (Indian Almond Leaves)

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tantora's Catappa Leaves (Indian Almond Leaves)

Postby tantora » Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:45 pm

Tantora’s Catappa leaves

Other names of Catappa Leaves
Indian Almond Leaf, IAL, Ketapang Leaf, Sweet Almond Leaf, Sea Almond Leaf, Badamier Leaf, Seemandelbaumblätter , Huu Kwang

Benefits of Catappa Leaves for aquarium fish from many researches
1. Anti Bacteria
2. Prevent Parasite
3. Relieve Stress
4. cure the wound
5. Stimulate fish colour

What is the good Catappa Leaves for aquarium fish ?
1. Sources of Catappa trees must far from big city that full of air pollution , because Catappa Leaves that was collected from this sources contaminate with smoke from cars. You can test by rub on top of Catappa Leaves, black dust of smoke will appear on your hand.
2. Catappa Leaves must be collected from falling leaves only (Not pick on Catappa tree). Good Leaves must red,yellow and brow colour only, because many of tannins ( Green colour is bad for your fish)
3. Catappa Leaves must be without fungus spot, because fungus spot tell that Catappa Leaves fell for long time before collecting .

Distinction of tantora’s Catappa Leaves with other sources
1. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was collected within 24 hours after they fall.
2. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was clean by hand, without black dust from smoke.
3. tantora’s Catappa Leaves without fungus spot.
4. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was flat , easy to store.
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