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Posting Tips

Postby Angel Fish » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:10 pm

When posting in Buy, Sell and Swap please try to follow these guidelines:

1) In the title, please state whether goods are for sale, or wanted plus the area you live in.
(eg: Wanted, External Filter - Devon)

2) Less is more, please don't baffle us with science - a basic description of what you are looking for/selling will do - anyone interested will contact you for more details.

3) If possible, especially when selling tanks, try to include a picture.

4) Please state whether you are willing to post items and if postage is included in the price, or if you are willing to deliver or that the buyer is to collect.

5) Never post your address, telephone number or email address. Anyone interested will either reply to your thread or send you a PM - you can then swap contact details privately.

6) Please let us know when you've bought/sold your item so that we can close the thread.

7) We're happy for members to sell items, but please do not advertise commercial items (sold purely for profit) as it could lead to us being inundated with irrelevant "stuff" that has no interest to fish keepers.

8 ) If possible, please add any subsequent items to the original thread. It makes it much easier for people that are interested to look for one thread rather than trawling through several by the same OP.

9) The Tropical Tank Owner, Admin and Moderators cannot be held responsible for anything advertised in the Buy, Sell and Swap Forum.

10) This facility is not here to provide free advertising for businesses, commercial links will be removed.
All the advice I give is based on my own personal 30 years of experience.
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