Fishworld Oldham? is it any good?

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Fishworld Oldham? is it any good?

Postby petermoore » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:58 pm

Does anyone know if this shop is any good?, would you recommend it?
whats the stock like?, prices?

They seem to have a website but not that good tbh.
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Postby Carylnz » Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:26 pm

Look around it yourself.
Are the tanks clean?
Are the fish all healthy and swimming correctly with fins erect?
Are there any dead fish? Never buy stock from a tank that has dead fish in it. If there are dead fish in more than one tank then walk straight back out again.
Do they have the right species mixed together?
Are they offering good advice?
You need to do some basic research first and know what you are looking for and what it should look like.
Have a look at what basic fish diseases look like so you can spot it in the shop tanks. Most are easy to recognise. The most common are white spot (looks like the fish are sprinkled with salt) and fin rot (fins are split with bloody rays and ragged white edges). Look for fish swimming with clamped fins held close to the body. This is a sign of stress or illness.
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Postby TheCaptain » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:18 am

I always take a "dummy question" with me.

Find a relatively common knowledge, but "awkward" question about the fish you want to buy, and learn the answer (ask here and we can answer first if needs be.). Ask that question to a member of staff:

1) Do they know the answer?
2) Do they admit not knowing the answer?
3) Do they find the answer
4) is the "found answer" correct?

For example - "I heard Oscars are great pets because they're big, have personality and wont kill all your other fish, is that right?"
If they say - "yes Oscars are really great, peaceful community fish..." you know you're in a shady shop.
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Re: Fishworld Oldham? is it any good?

Postby Ken-Barlow » Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:55 pm

I've only recently got in to keeping fish (about 7/8 months) and this was one of the first shops I visited. At first they seemed really good and helpful but it was only once I had been going there for a few months my opinion changed.
I took a fish in that had had its fins nipped but health wise it was completely fine. When I rang up to check if they still had it they told me they'd sold it so next time I went in I asked to see if this was still the case but then they told me it had died and offered no replacement. On another occasion I bought 2 fish from there and by the time I got home around 30/45 minutes later 1 of the fish had died so when I rang up and told them they said it was my own fault because I didn't get home quick enough evenn though when I have checked with other fish stores they've told me that the fish should be able to last a good few hours in the bag before it's in any danger. I also once paid for a fish in advance and when I went in to pick it up they tried to charge me again but I think this may have been a genuine mistake.
One other thing I've noticed in there is that some of the fish have been dyed different colours which is something I personally don't agree with but each to their own.
On the plus side they can offer some decent advice and they sell some of the easier to acquire fish such as tetras and dwarf frogs fairly cheap but some of the other fish are at a higher price. I bought a pleco from Pier Aquatics in Wigan for around £15 but the same pleco was in Fish World Oldham for £45
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Re: Fishworld Oldham? is it any good?

Postby Dxmum » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:15 pm

Its always had a good reputation, but I believe its now under new management, and I things may have changed.

I popped in a couple of weeks ago and asked how many Angel Fish would they recommend to put in my 40 gallon tank that I will be setting up in a couple of months time, "about 10" I was told :shock: . I walked out!
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