confused betta?

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confused betta?

Postby bettaboy » Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:40 pm

Hi guys, just had a massive surprise and thought I'd share. I have a heavily planted and pretty well balanced 140 litre tropical tank with a wide range of small and some pretty odd species. I think my oddest being my pair of african spotted gourami/climbing perch. It was 3 hours after introducing this beautiful pair that I noticed one of my female bettas acting a bit weird. I took a closer look at this particular girl and noticed that she was very bright very large and happily building a bubble nest!! My resident male crowntail wondered past now and again and showed his gill plate, to which the "female" would dart round the other side of the lily she was building under. The nest is now finished and my large, bright female is now courting the small female. I believe I was sold a sub adult male (shortfin) betta as a female, who has now matured and apparently gets on with my resident male. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with unaggressive male bettas? Mine were feeding side by side with the solitary female no more than 20 minutes ago. The bubble nest still standing and for the time being I see no reason to seperate them unless the female spawns. Thanks guys, happy hobbying.
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