Starting a new Tank

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Starting a new Tank

Postby Bis » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:53 pm


I am starting a new tropical tank. The tank size is 5ft X 2ft X 2ft bare bottom. Have a Fluval FX5 and a Eheim 2229 running. I already had 4 Clown Loach, 2 large Angels and a large pleco in the tank. This week I bough 2 yellow , 2 Blue, 2 Pearl, 2 moonlight and 2 dwarf honey gouramis, a total of 10 gouramis and they are doing fine at the moment. I want to keep the tank bare bottom for easy of maintenance. Could you please advise what combination of fish population, I can add further. I don't want to add discus. Many thanks for help.

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