Alternative Foods for My Cherry Shrimp!?

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Alternative Foods for My Cherry Shrimp!?

Postby Superdan114 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:29 pm


Just a quick question about varying the food for my cherrys! I currently just feed them algae wafers. They also have plenty of java moss to eat in the tank too. I have seen them eating bits of bloodworm pellet on occasion aswell?? Is there anything else i can feed them? Vegetable matter etc?

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Re: Alternative Foods for My Cherry Shrimp!?

Postby cousin it » Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:02 pm

There is a wide range of foods available for cherry shrimp which are preferable to algae wafers, I feed mine with organic spinach ( blanched ) once or twice per week they also recieve dennerle crusta gran as a staple food along with hikari micro wafers, I also feed them with dennerle nettle sticks once a week and some mosura speciality shrimp food and some bio plus is added to the tank once or twice a week to add extra bio film for young shrimp to feed on, For a treat they recieve algae sheets, there are also ketapang leaves in the tank constantly which they are fond of grazing over.
I find with this type of diet their colours are very strong I have yet to have any moulting issues and I regularly see lots of young shrimplets around the tank.

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