Conservatory location for tank?

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Conservatory location for tank?

Postby Flipper » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:46 pm

Hi all!

Just arrived, so as to speak.
I have a Juwel 4 foot tank, up and running about 3 years now.
Well planted & cycled.
Two filters & two heaters.
All fish are very happy.

We have a large conservatory, which has a radiator going full blast in
the winter. During the summer, the doors and windows are open pretty much
all day. One end of the conservatory is panelling, no big glass windows at that end. There
are blinds all round the conservatory & the ceiling is made of a heat reducing substance.

We were thinking of moving the tank into the conservatory, up by the no-window end.
Anyone have experience of aquariums in conservatories?

Would moving to a five foot tank reduce the speed of the water heating up
in summer - obviously we would adjust the heaters to the season?
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Re: Conservatory location for tank?

Postby Wallace » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:33 pm

I've got a 180l tank in my conservatory. It gets very VERY cold in there overnight in the winter and very VERY hot in there in the summer as its all windows. It doesn't seem to bother my fish at all, the thermometer on the outside of the tank is reading 24 degrees at the moment ( just checked ) and it was reading 22 when I got up at 9am. In the summer it can read as high as 30/32. The fish all seem fine, I seem to suffer with the glass going green in the summer because of the light but then my cleaning regime helps to maintain cleanish glass.

Hope that helps a little.
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