my RTBS confuses me

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my RTBS confuses me

Postby spikspik » Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:20 pm

A few months ago i came home with a red tailed black shark. Lovely little fella, named him Well'ard.

As he got bigger i noticed he had a bit of a temper and that he was very picky about who he would 'go for'. He got along fine with my black phantoms, great with my trio of platys but did not like my red eyed tetras one bit. He was a bit of a policeman as before he was in the tank, the red eyes had the little black phantoms cornered 24/7.

Now he's a little bigger again and he still loves the small fish, the phantoms and the new platy fry which he noses but never chases or eats, still hates the red eyes and out of the blue has completely turned on the platys, especially the male. HE HATES HIM! I might need to re home but I'm planing on getting a second bigger tank soon so I'm holding on.

The things that i find confusing are that I was sure he would eat fry and also the sudden aggression towards mr platy. Is it possible he is smart enough to know that mr platy is quite the lover and this means more tank mates/competition for food etc???
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Re: my RTBS confuses me

Postby Rob W » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:19 pm

The bigger he gets the more aggressive and territorial he will become, he eventually won't tolerate your small fish either. RTBS make good tankmates with the larger cichlids as they won't tolerate his tantrums. It's possible that in a bigger tank he may leave your fish alone for the most part, he'll establish a little patch and defend it and the rest of your fish will stay away. The one I had was a right little git, it came with the tank and I did consider keeping it because it was a nice looking fish but there was no way it was going to stay when I saw how aggressive it was.
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Re: my RTBS confuses me

Postby Angel Fish » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:48 am

My RTBS (and ones I've had in the past), comes out of his hidey hole once a day to charge round the tank, knocking everything in its path over - other than that, he's very shy.
It's difficult for an RTBS to actually "attack" other fish, they usually just barge into them - The position of their mouth makes it difficult to bite other fish :roll:
Has Well'ard got his own "house"?
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Re: my RTBS confuses me

Postby spikspik » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:02 pm

yeah that's true. He does not actually do any physical damage, just chases for short periods. I was half expecting some agression so not really a problem as such, I am just really curious why he is so particular about the fish he doesn't like. Are all RTBS picky like this?

I tried to provide some 'home' areas, hollow bogwood etc but he doesn't really spend much time in any one place. Always patrolling. I'm quite certain this is because my tank is not large enough but he'll have a nice new big home soon. :D
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