I plan to get a 55 gal tank soon

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I plan to get a 55 gal tank soon

Postby TTTTTT » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:54 pm

Hi I'm new, I have a 20 gal tank:
2 fire honey gouramis
3 albino corys
2 algae eating shrimp
2 bolivian rams
A flame gourami
3 platies
2 bumblebee gobies
One little platy fry

I'm going to get a 55 gal tank some time soon and I would like some advise on it. I would like some live plants, I've never had live plants before, so I would like something easy. I want pictus catfish. I would also like to transfer some of my larger current fish into the new tank (which ones can go with a pictus). I'm not sure what other fish I want yet so suggestions will be helpful.
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Re: I plan to get a 55 gal tank soon

Postby Carylnz » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:00 am

Hi and welcome. If I may start on a "sour" note, I notice you have 2 bumblebee gobies listed.
Bumblebee gobies come in two distinct species. Both of these species are really best suited for brackish water, but one type can survive quite well in fresh water.
Brachygobius xanthozona has perfect unbroken black stripes and is best suited for brackish, but will tolerate fresh water much better than the other type.
Brachygobius nunus has less well banded stripes, and occasionally black spots or broken stripes. It will not do well in a fresh water environment.
Bumblebee gobies are territorial. They should have a lot of rocky caves or small pots to hide in. Ideally you should have at least one pot or piece of wood per goby, with a current strong enough to keep small foods moving around, but not strong enough to make the tiny gobies hit the sides of the tank.
Feeding can be quite difficult because they are ambush predators, preferring to wait until the food floats past. They can be difficult to feed with frozen foods, and practically impossible to feed with dried or flake foods. Try to have a current circulating over the bottom of the tank when you feed them, so that the food will keep moving, whether it's thawed or living. They are excellent hunters of small foods like bloodworms or Artemia, but are fairly easy to train onto frozen foods with the right conditions. They have been known to starve to death in a community set-up.
Gobies kept in community tanks will tend to fin nip, even if unprovoked. Their hunting instinct is to take a snap at anything that floats by, and as long as even a piece of it will fit in the goby's mouth, it is going to have a try.
A Pictus cat will eat anything that will fit in its mouth and it is a very active, fast, swimmer so tankmates need to be able to swim fast and hold their own. They often startle the other fish so I suggest gouramis would not be good tankmates. Make sure you only have 1 pictus in the 55 gal. and it has plenty of swimming space.
Most plants you find in the LFS labelled "bunch plants" are easy care. Beware of red tinged plants as they are more sensitive and need a lot of light to thrive well and keep their colour. Java fern is hardy as is water sprite or Indian fern. You could also look at hygrophila, lysimachia, ambulia or cabomba.
Suggesting fish can be difficult as there are so many to choose from and a lot depends on what appeals to you personally.
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Re: I plan to get a 55 gal tank soon

Postby TTTTTT » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:35 pm

Well my lfs has a brackish and fresh water tank both with bumblebee gobies, I do have the one that isnt bad in freshwater. I though that pictus need to be in a group of at least three. So let's say I put in three pictus and my 2 rams, then what should i get, more cichlids or what else?
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