Snail control.

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Snail control.

Postby cobden28 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:10 am

After some time of being controlled by assassin snails, my snail population problem has reared its head again and I'm wondering what to do about it. The assassins seem to go for the snails with the spiral shells (not sure what these spiral snails are called!) but since introducing some new plants a month or so ago I find I now have a thriving population of the snails with rounded shells, like minature ramshorn snails (again I'm not sure what they are properly called).

The plants in my tank don't seem to be suffering but the tank does look unsughtly with all these little round snails. I'm not keen on the idea of chemical means to kill off all these little snails and wondered if a small group of loaches would solve my priblem? I've never kept loaches but I understand some of them do eat snails, and I'd prefer natural snail control methods if at all possible!

Assuming a trio of loaches is OK, what type should I go for? The tank is a 4 ft bow-fronted Juwel tank, densely planted with lots of hidey-holes, and is a community tank in the living room. Inhabitants are:-

3 x honey gourami
1 x dwarfgourami
3 x Sterbai corydoras
1 x trilineatus corydoras
Pr bristlenose catfish
3 x guppies
5 x platies
5 x black mollies
5 x black neons
7 x neon tetra's
7 x glowlight tetra's

I don't mind if any snail-eating fish is somewhat reclusive so long as it eats the snails - but what fish would do the job best? All suggestions gratefully received!
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Re: Snail control.

Postby Angel Fish » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:40 am

Your best bet is to cut feeding down to a minimum (twice a week would be fine for a couple of weeks) and add a snail trap - a clean container with a few lettuce leaves in it. If you put the trap in at lights out and remove it when the lights go back on in the morning, you'd be amazed at how many snails are in it.
It might take two or three nights to get things under control, but it's much better than adding fish that will over stock your tank (which can cause worse problems than a few snails) :)
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Re: Snail control.

Postby ItWentWhereverIdidGo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:17 am

Agreed, but for future reference candy loach are really good snail eaters and best kept in groups.
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