Fishless Cycle - Test Results

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Fishless Cycle - Test Results

Postby jonana » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:58 pm

i've never had a fish tank before but have recently purchased a 60 litre biorb secondhand. It came with the used filter and media but I didn't fill it up immediately as I didn't have time. However when I did get round to setting up the tank the media and filter were both still wet so I'm not sure if any of the good bacteria survived. The tank has been running for just over a week and I've been adding the recommended amount of ammonia for 3ppm. I've tested every day and these are the results:
Day 1 Ammonia 2ppm Nitrite 0
Day 2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0
Day 3 Ammonia 1ppm Nitrite 0
Day 4 Ammonia 0.25ppm Nitrite 0
Day 5 Ammonia 1ppm Nitrite 0
Day 6 Ammonia 0.25ppm Nitrite 0
Day 7 Ammonia .5 ppm Nitrite 0

However today I thought i'd do a Nitrate test just to see if any of the good bacteria were there and doing anything and my reading was between 40 and 80ppm - hard to read colour in dingy light! So my question is do you think the bacteria have survived enough to start stocking as my Nitrate levels are up or should I continue with the fishless cycle? I also have a question re ph levels - our water is VERY hard and my ph reading is 8.2 - what is the ideal level for guppies and dwarf gourami?

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Re: Fishless Cycle - Test Results

Postby raffy » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:00 pm

I think your nitrate levels are to high and there should be no traces of ammonia dwarf gouramis require about 6.0-8.0 on the ph level, not sure about guppies. I wouldn't add any fish yet also I would get some stress zyme to help with bringing down your nitrate and do a water change if you have a carbon filter remove it before adding any chemicals, some one please correct me if I'm wrong
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Re: Fishless Cycle - Test Results

Postby orange guppy » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:33 pm

it seems strange that you have gone from ammonia straight to nitrates, i try to keep nitrates under 40ppm ideally 20ppm but 20ppm is what comes in my water from the tap, have you tested your tap water to see what nitrates are in the tap water? if the tap water has nitrates in then your tank wont be cycled i wouldn't think, i'm pretty sure it can take over a month to cycle a tank, how long did you leave the filter without ammonia/water and also how long were there no fish present? I personally don't use any chemicals unless there is no other way ( eg for fish illness) water changes are the best way to remove nitrates in my opinion (sorry to jump in and disagree with raffy). Guppies are fine in hard water and if the water is that ph in your lfs then i wouldn't worry, only worry if there is a sudden change in ph as this can shock the fish. I dont know about gouramis though. I also believe the ammonia levels should set to 0 when the cycle is complete.
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