distilled needs an antidote?

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distilled needs an antidote?

Postby Frankinhomer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:03 pm

I am bringing down hard water (KH 234 ppm) with distilled water, (it seems slightly cheaper than RO), but anyway, it will take a good deal of dilution to bring it down
pH about 8, 30 gallons, about 20 inches of fish in there....... ammonia, nitrate and nitrite are OK
As I keep diluting with distilled, do I need to add anything(?) to compensate for the distilled dilutions?
And any suggestions on how to pace this procedure?
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Re: distilled needs an antidote?

Postby winchman » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:25 pm

I am also new to this and not being a fish expert but I do know a bit about water systems from my job.
Distilled water is just normal tap water thats been boiled in to steam then condensed back again, so whilst its not got much in the way of bugs and minerals etc ( as these should be left behind in the vessel its boiled in some mould spores can survive this process) this isnt always a good thing as the water wants to return to its natural state so it leaches minerals etc out of any thing it touches, so it will strip minerals etc from the fish, plants etc
RO water is totally dfferent.
You start with Tap water, filter it to remove big solids usually about 10 micron, then again using a 5 micro carbon filter to remove most of the chlorine, only when its at this stage is it suitable for going through an RO system
The RO system basically removes the vast amount of contaminants so whilst its clean its not as clean as Distilled so less of a hazard to fish etc, but as far as I am aware when using RO water you are removing the bits you dont want in the water (its then called purified Water)and adding a mineral mix to make the water the correct spec for your fish.
I would just buy the correct stuff
Have you tried removing the hardness from your tap water? or topping up with bottled thats soft?
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