Juwel Filter question

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Juwel Filter question

Postby SkyBlu63 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:34 pm

Hi All
I've upgraded my tank to a Juwel Vision 180(bought from Ebay). My previous tank was u/gravel with little stingray internal.
I transfered all gravel and plants from old tank into new plus fish.

Checked daily the ph,ammonia,nitrite and nitrates. (API test kit)
The Nitrite and Nitrate were 0.5ppm and 5.0ppm befriefly till I added Prime(brillant stuff)
The only one that isn't at zero now is ammonia and thats at 0.25 doing 30ltr water changes so expecting that to settle, sooner rather than later.

I've been reading on this forum about Juwel filters and the media.
Currently my filter is loaded thus
Poly Pad
Course Foam
1 Fine Foam(the other won't fit, it would but its tight)

My question(s) is
I've read that the carbon is a waste of time, what about the nitrax also?
If I do away with the carbon and maybe the nitrax do I replace with foams ?
Does the order matter, I realise that poly pads need changing weekly so they are best at top
How often do these need even rinsing in old tank water or do you just leave well alone ?

The juwel info from the web-site says one thing and the real user you lot say different.
What I've read on here does make good sense for the fish first of all and also for my pocket.

Fish Stock
Plec 1
Banded Rainbow 2
Rummy Nose Tetra 2
Buenos Aires Tetra 2
Zebra Danio 2
Neon Tetra 4
Wag Tail Platty 1
Otocinclus 1
Kribensis 1
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Re: Juwel Filter question

Postby ady » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:19 pm

personally i only do filter maintainence when the flow drops.

maufactures claim you need to change the media reguarly...thats horse poo !!!....just makes them richer and you poorer.

also if you constantly changing the media you loose the bacteria you worked so hard to cultivate..

i dont use manufacturer specific media.i make my own using pond filter sponges cut to size.although i do have ceramic rings in my canister along with the foam.it doesnt rot,last ages and only needs a squeezing in old tank water to clean em right up... 8)
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Re: Juwel Filter question

Postby SkyBlu63 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:32 pm

Thanks for that info, it's just nice to have your thoughts confirmed.
I'll changed poly filter weekly (just like Ady, i've found pond supplies do just the same job) all you need is some scissors.

Thanks again
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