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Postby exfishnoob » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:28 pm

Hoooooraaaaaay!!!! The albino rainbow shark now has his full color back, is not hiding in his cave, but out swimming round and nibbling plants again. :D When he lost his original friend ( first stocked 2 of same) to a tinfoil barb we thought he was lonely, so got him a rainbow shark to hang about with. oops. they shared a tank for all of 7 days. poor lil albino went into hiding and got all pale colored. The newer full colored rainbow was for sure the more aggressive..even though he was new to the tank. now Mr. bully shares his larger tank with some good sized Tin foil Barbs and the albino gets to swim with his cory and angel fish friends. yip yip yahoo for the very informative articles on fish TTT has. It enabled me to find out what was going on in there and correct the problem before my favorite coral color sharky boy died from stress. :) The Tin Foil ( named Sundance) is also much, much, MUCH happier with a faster, bigger tank and 2 other tin foils to swim about with. He got more and more aggressive ever sense his buddy swam up into a decorative castle and commited Hari Kari by trapping himself in there. ( poor little guy had to be removed from the decoration with a pair of tweezers..and lost most of his scales. needless to say..he died) I will be taking some pictures of the 2 tanks in the next few days, and posting them to the appropriate forum to show off. :cheeky:
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Re: Updates...

Postby Carylnz » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:50 pm

You have to be careful of decorations with holes in. A fish gets to have a favourite hole to go in then grows a bit too much and gets stuck, as you have discovered :(
Looking forward to pics.
Start saving for a 5 - 6ft needed for those tinfoils!
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