Feeding discus

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Feeding discus

Postby prussell » Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:42 pm

I have seen it stated in the literature on several occasions that discus should not be fed blood worms but with no explanation for the statement. I have fed blood worm, both live and frozen, to all other species that I have kept and the seem to relish and thrive on them. Is this a myth or is there something fundamentally different about discus?
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Re: Feeding discus

Postby pandacory » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:51 pm

this was taken from mft site, so I claim no credit for it.

please pardon my ignorance, but is it perfectly safe to feed my discus frozen bloodworm? they all seem to love it more than any other food i feed them. someone at my lfs said it has exoskeltons in it and the fish will have problems digesting the worms.

Then the topic goes on to reveal other members of the site who have discus feed them blood worm without problems.

I feed my discus a diet of Frozen bloodworms, color bits, and tropical flakes/cichlid flakes. I use color bits and bloodworms more than the flakes. Mine usually will ignore most flakes and only take the colorbits and bloodworms. I sometimes feed beefheart, but not nearly as much as the other foods.

If you have want to, CBWs (Cali Black Worms) are a great live food that discus love.

Watch that beefheart, it can turn water NASTY if the uneaten stuff is left in the tank for long.

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