DIY LED LightHood from existing Hood

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DIY LED LightHood from existing Hood

Postby billberet » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:37 pm

Hey fish lovers,
i had a few requests to post how i do my LED hoods.

first, supplies,
here are the LED, i got both white and blue ... ral_recs_4

to power the LED, i use this, each driver can push the entire roll of LED's ... y_hi_img_b

first off, take your old hood apart, there will be a flashing inside that you can remove, remove it because that will be the new housing for your LED strips.

Here is my finished light hood, i hang it up when i am doing water changes or maintenance on tanks.

i measure the led strips and stick them to the flashing, they have double stick tape on the back, so it's just peel and stick.
i put some tape at the ends where the connections will be.

solder the positive and negative to each strip connecting them in series

the finished product will have your LED's all connected, then i add a little tape to cover the ends

i added a deans connector to the power supply this way when i have to disconnect the lights, it's simple.

i then added blue lights and connected them to another driver, this way i can run white and blue independent of each other.
i use blue and white during the day, and at night they go to all blue. (my lights are connected to my home automation system)

blue and white LED's on

Blue only

the lights are not rated for plants, but they look great if you just have fish.
enjoy, hope this helps someone.
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