Filter placement problem...

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Filter placement problem...

Postby Mitchbarnes7 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:45 pm

Hey all,

I'd like to get your opinions on the positioning of my filter in my tank. My tank is a small 35L curved front tank.

The problem I had was due to the positioning of the filter, facing across the tanks length on the right hand side, the fish seem to gather on the parallel side of the tank to the where the filter is, I think due to the power of the filter it is pushing the fish to that side of the tank? Or they may have gone to that area of the tank as it is a neutral area where there is little push against them?

I looked online and people recommended turning down the power of the filter which is easy enough, however my filter has to be awkward and not have any form of dial or button to change the power setting; so i'm essentially stuck on the same power unless I get enough filter which is quite a lengthy process.

I moved the filter to the other side of the tank in the corner facing towards the front instead of across the length of the tank to redirect the 'current' of it and restrict it to only a small section of the tank instead of it effecting a large area.

I think I have done the best thing out of what I could of done, however do you have any alternate suggestions?

Thanks for your time,
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