Aquarium hood/canopy

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Aquarium hood/canopy

Postby Dinor78 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:55 pm


I'm looking for a 2ft hood, which can accommodate twin tubes, so that I can have better plant health and growth. I currently have an Elite 60, which came with a built in ballast and there is no room to add anything additional. I've seen twin tube systems on eBay quite reasonably priced and wondered if it is worth investing as it can be costly replacing plants, but I can't find a hood to house them. I don't fancy making my own, the base and stand for the aquarium is silver and I want the hood to match or at least compliment the tank.

I don't have enough room for a bigger tank and would really like to keep my plants. I've looked at the LEDs also, but I think I just confused myself more!

I have a cheap Co2 system and have laid Manado (I'm not keen on the colouring and would like a carpet of green albeit not completely covered). I've been using flourish excel and I did swap my tube for an intrepet one for plants, I've also tried seachem fertilizer tablets. I bought a test to find out the hardness etc of water, but have not yet tested the water.

The tank is a community tank and I'm quite confident in keeping the fish, but now I fancy a bit of aquascaping.

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