lac heaters

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lac heaters

Postby juweltanklover » Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:51 pm

does any one have a lac heater I have just brought a 100watt lac heater for my 90lt tank. I cant get it to regulate i set it at 76f, but if kept coming on at 76 temp and was still on when the water temp was 77. I turned it down to 74 then 72 but it still kept coming on. I have now put it on the lowest setting this morning it has not been on seince then. The tank has got two 18watt lights in it and the temp in tank has been 76 all day. How do I regulate this heater, or are they not good heaters and unreliable. I have got a ehim 50 watt heater would this be more reliable and would the 50 watt heater heat my tank. My is a rekord 800 but has not the filter box or a juwel heater. It came with the 50 watt heater and a fuval u3 filter. should I use the 50 watt heater has the lights seem to heat the water. Any help please It is a new set up I wont put fish in it untill every thing a working as it should. :? :? hello to all
juwel 800 rekord tank
fluval u3 filter
a not reliable 100w heater
no fish yet new set up
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