Noisy pump?

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Noisy pump?

Postby cobden28 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:35 am

I have a 4 ft Juwel fishtank and stand in my living room with the standard Juwel pump and filter unit installed. This is working perfectly well but because of the recent spell of very hot weather my fish seemed to be suffering in the heat so I bought a pump and airstone to increase the air circulation in the tank and to help stop the water temperature from rising too high.

The additional pump and airstone work fine and the fish are happy and healthy BUT the problem is that my husband complains about the noise of the new pump, which he says affects his tinnitus. I don't think it's the noise of the pump - which I myself have no problems with - but rather the vibration that my husband finds uncomfortable; so much so that he has asked me to switch off the pump permanently.

My fish seem happy and healthy with the additional pump circulating a wall of air bubbles at the back wall of the tank, so i'm wondering if there is anything I can do which will allow me to have the additional pump and airstone in operation yet reduce the noise and vibration it produces? Currently the pump is mounted on the wall behind the tank but above the water level; I had thought of mounting the pump below the level of the tank entirely, within the cupboard part of the stand and whereby any noise would be largely muffled by the pump's being located in a restricted space - but wouldn't this couse problems with water flowing back through the air tubing towards the pump (not a good idea!).

If this idea of mounting the pump within the cupboard below the tank is sound in principle, wouldn't I need some sort of valve or tap to prevent the water from flowing backwards towards the pump?

Any comments will be appreciated - thank you.
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Re: Noisy pump?

Postby SparkyST » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:22 pm

Most air pumps have a non return valve on the airline to stop the water syphoning back. If not maybe worth getting one.

Some people have suggested suspending the pump from string so that it isnt vibrating against any surfaces.
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Re: Noisy pump?

Postby Carylnz » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:47 pm

The amount it vibrates depends on the type of surface it is on. The more solid the surface, the less it is affected by the vibration.
I have, as SparkyST suggested, suspended them by a string so they are not touching any surface.
You could also try sitting it on a towel or sponge. Make sure you are not blocking any air holes if the unit has any in the base.
Is the pump adjustable? Try turning it down, or get a bubble wall that produces finer bubbles. These fizz more than bubble so may ease the tinnitus (as it may be the bubbles he is finding painful rather than the pump vibration) and still help the fish by increasing the water surface area.
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