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Postby oscar_owner » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:43 pm

the decor in my tank is cool i like it but my fish are too large to swim through it. one of the reasons i like the decor is that if i had smaller fish like in a community tank they could swim through it. i woud like smaller fish but i dont want to get rid of these fish even though they eat small fish the only fish who wont eat small fish is pleco. while oscar and convict will live a while from now(5 yrs old each) pleco will outlast them. any future reccomendations of fish for a begginer in the (future though) good community fish. idk how much longer my 5 yr old convict and oscar will live(hopfully much longer). But just so i know what fish are good in a community tank? I think i got off track from decor sorry this probably should be in some other forum like fish.sorry
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