Lighting deep planted 75g?

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Lighting deep planted 75g?

Postby gazflash » Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:35 am

Hello, i am upgrading my 75g planted tank lighting, as the current 2 x 30w t8's are way way under par. So I have purchased a fauna marin 4 x 54w fixture with 2 x glesemann tubes 1x midday & 1 x aquaflora. Now my tank is on the deep side at 60 - 70cm, so was looking at maybe going with an 80000 or 10000k bulb from light specs. Would also appreciate some info on the dennerle super color plus uv bulb, as i like the fact it has such high blue & red peaks, but am unclear exactly how the uv eliminating bit works, ill it help or hinder my built-in uv sterilizer? I welcome all suggestions, or criticisms for that matter
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