newbie to the forum with large tank dilemma

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newbie to the forum with large tank dilemma

Postby tillystank » Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:48 pm

Hi all
Ive just closed my 5x2x2 marine tank down and want to go for a planted tank now, i have bare tank and 3 footsump with pumps etc, pre drilled tank so flow to and fro is sorted, questions are the sump has 2 chambers one for return and another which has the inlet water. should i run an external filter which i have in that side as well and with carbon etc and purigen. maybe bio balls as well and some floss for polishing or not bother, have kept tropicals before but not on this scale. am going to use john innes no 3 with play sand to top it in display tank. it is going to be mainly dwarf south american based. as for lighting im running 3 4ft t5s and 2 3ft, i gues i wont need all this so which to use with replacement tubes obviously. and what sort of tubes
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