Some Co2 help please

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Some Co2 help please

Postby Claire32 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:20 pm

Hi all

Hope everyone is well, may I trouble you knowledgeable lot on some Co2 questions please?

Have had tropical aquariums for years but never really been successful with growing plants, have just downsized from a 400 litre tank to a 200 (have not got a lot of fish so not overstocked in the 200L, was understocked in the 400L) and really like the idea of a nicely planted aquarium and would like to delve into the world of Co2.

When I swapped the tanks over a week ago I used jbl manado as the new substrate and put in root tabs and am using easylife profito as the fertilizer, dosed once per week, so far so good I hope. Fish seem very happy in their new home and I used the old filter sponges in the new filter and existing tank water and this seems to have avoided any re-cycling probs.

Plant wise I only have the following 2 anubias, 2 java ferns attached to wood and 1 water fern although I do plan to add more plants in the next few weeks. I have T5 bulbs on the tank and I now have a jbl proflora 160 kit ready to be set up, this is a yeast based system, I figured with all the rocks and substrate and wood my tank is only around the 160l mark. Eventually I would like to convert to gas cylinders but as I am new to co2 I thought I would start off with yeast based.

My current set up is that lights come on at 8am and go off at 10pm (is this too much light??), I have an airstone currently on constant but plan to put this on a timer once co2 kit is set up so that at night I can run the airstone given that I wont be able to shut off the co2, the external filter outlet is halfway under the water and creates a soft ripple on the top and I have a wavemaker that again is under the water and creates a soft ripple on the surface. I have clear plastic condensation lids on the tank to prevent moisture getting into the light fittings, these sit about 2-3cm above the water line.

My question is that will the clear condensation lids cause a problem once I start putting co2 in? should I remove one of these to avoid co2 becoming trapped? last thing I want is to cause any harm to the fish! I have a co2 liquid monitor to use to keep a check on things and have a bubble counter to add to the kit. How many bps should I be looking for? my ph level is 7, can't remember kh level off top of my head but think it was quite high, am I going wrong anywhere or making rookie mistakes?? any words of wisdom lol?
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Re: Some Co2 help please

Postby Rockfish » Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:49 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum :)

The transfer and your general setup all sounds sensible, although 14 hours probably is a bit long on the lighting period - anything over 12 hours tends to encourage algae rather than boosting plant growth, so it might be worth cutting it down by at least a couple of hours.

The condensation covers shouldn't cause a problem unless they are virtually airtight. A good bubble rate to start off with would be about one per second initially, keeping an eye on your liquid monitor.

If you are using a CO2 system at the upper end of its limit, it might struggle to do the job. In the longer term, you'll probably find a pressurised gas system more satisfactory (and especially more controllable) on that size tank.

Remember there's lots of info at The Tropical Tank main site!
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Re: Some Co2 help please

Postby Claire32 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:00 am

Hi Rockfish

Thanks for the welcome and thank you for replying to my post.

Will cut down the lighting and put them on timers, glad to hear the condensation covers should not cause a problem, there is a small bit cut out where I drop the food in so not completely airtight and hopefully will all be ok.

I have my bubble counter and monitor all ready to go so plan to get cracking this weekend and start adding the co2, will aim for the 1 bubble per second and keep an eye on the monitor liquid. I do hope to move to the pressurised system in due course but as this is my first attempt with co2 I thought it would be easier to start off with yeast and see how that goes

Thanks again for your advice
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