Gravel Cleaning...!

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Gravel Cleaning...!

Postby Andyjc01 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:25 pm

Quick question....!!!
When doing water changes, do you HAVE to clean the gravel(with a gravel vac) at the same time, or even at all...?
I have read somewhere ( can't remember where...!) that you don't need to clean it at all..?
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Re: Gravel Cleaning...!

Postby ady » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:07 pm

hi there.

no you dont have to do it every time you do a water change..some do,some dont.

it will keep down the build up of detrius on the bottom if you do,do it though.personally i do half the gravel at water change,then do the other half next time.this should deal with the worst... if you have large plecos,they can make a right mess,so you mite wanna do it every time then.when i had my pleco i followed the above system,but did check for any build up on the other side and cleaned accordingly :wink:

a clearer,cleaner substrate does help with the overall health of the aquarium..when any crud builds up it will decay and cause havoc with your water quality..bacteria is present in the substrate aswell,which helps break down the waste,like your mature filter,but iwouldnt leave it if it was dirty.looks better and ya fish will appreciate the clean environment..

all depends on your stocking and feeding it by ear and keep an eye on it.....dont sweat it too much... :)
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