Setting up new tank

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Setting up new tank

Postby tarshlove » Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:08 am

So currently I have 7 WCMM and one butterfly loach in a 38ltr tank it has a heater and a tank maid filter pro 400 they are all happy in here.
I have been given a 64 ltr tank and set up and want to transfer them to this. I've brought some new stones Ill use the existing heater I have been given a elite stingray 15 filter I don't know weather to use this new filter or carry on using the one I have. I was going to half fill the tank and let it age for a week or two with the filter and heater going then add the existing tank water to the new tank. Is this right or am I doing this wrong?

Once its all set up I'm getting 3 more Butterfly Loaches and 3 more WCMM

Is there any other small fish that can live with these fish
I don't want to overstock and will get a bigger tank again
Tank: L60xW30xD36cm
1 Butterfly Loach
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