Oscars, Parrot fish and Black Knife Fish tank size?

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Oscars, Parrot fish and Black Knife Fish tank size?

Postby UK-Dude » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:28 pm

Hello everybody, :D

I have got a little problem and it's driving me crazy! :lol:
The thing is i have got two tanks what is a 200 litre and a 330 litre tank. In my 330 litre tank i have got 42 fish what may sound like it's over stocked.
I don't know and may need help on that. :?
The problem i am having is that sometime ago when me and my mum was at the pet shop my mum seen some fish see liked. So we asked the petshop guy all about the fish i have got in my tank and the guy told me it will be fine in the tank so my mum got two off them.

At the time putting the fishs in my 330 litre tank the fishs was going crazy and fighting with my fish so i have taken them out and put the two fish in there very own tank what i had setup for a fishtank at the time. Anyway right now i have only got my self some baby Oscars what i love so bad as i use to keep Oscars when i was a kid and they are top pets to keep. So i have taken some off my fish out off the 200 litre tank and put them into separate tanks so all i have in the tank is one Black Knife Fish, One big pleco, One cat fish and two Parrot fish. At the time putting the Parrot fish in there very own tank i did not know the name off the fish and what size tank they needed so i asked at the pet shop and showed a video off them. The woman told me they are Parrot fish and they will get very big! So i was looking about on line and youtube at what will go with what. Some people say they will go with a Black Knife Fish and some people say they won't.

So i have taken the Parrot fish out off the 46 litre tank and put them into the 200 litre tank. They are getting on very well with out any problems at all!
So i have got Oscars, Parrot fish and Black Knife Fish all in the same tank getting on fine.

I know some people say never put Oscars with Black Knife Fish as it's not a good idea but right now they are doing ok in the same tank. The Oscars are keep to there selfs.

Anyway the new problem i am having is as they are babys right now. They are fine in the 200 litre tank but it's when they get big!
That's what's driving me crazy as it looked like the tank will do for the fish but i don't know.

I don't know what to do and if any one can help me i will be very careful as it is driving me crazy with all this what to do business. :lol:

In my 330 litre tank i have got some small fish and some big fish so i can move some into my 200 litre tank and then try to put my Oscars, Parrot fish and Black Knife Fish into the 330 litre tank as i have been looking up and they say anything from 285 litre and over is fine for a full size Oscar.

I have got 2 Oscars and 2 Parrot fish.

Thank you for your help and i know i'm playing with fire right now. :?

This is my 200 litre tank info if any one like to see it
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200L-Cabinet- ... 2a1bddc4ce

And this is my 330 tank size info

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330L-Cabinet- ... 2a183fc23a

Thnak you
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