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Newbie @ Cichlid Aquarium

Postby afcichlid11 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:05 am

To begin, I have 7 African Cichlids that I bought from Petsmart and Wal-Mart. I don't know the species or the gender. I think I might of bought too many male or all.

1. Purple, Oldest, biggest, most dominant about 4-5 inches (Had for about 1.5 years) small bump on top of head
2. Yellow with strains (black) only on body when stressed, second biggest, mostly chased by purple (1) about 4 inches (Had for about 1.5 years)
3. Light Purple, very light strains, about 4 inches, mood neutral, about a couple of months(5-7 months ago) , no bump. but looks similar
4. Rusty color yellow and tan, hides a lot and strains also. about 3.75 inches also a couple of months.(5-7 months ago)
Petsmart Store all the above.
5. All yellow 2.3-2.5 inch assorted about 2-3 months ago not sure.
6. All white 1-1.5 inch assorted about 3 days eats the sand and spits it out a lot.
7. white with pokadots brownish black color. 1-1.5 inch does the same as the all white
Walmart fish above

Will Post pictures somewhere
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