Help with CO2 Injection

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Help with CO2 Injection

Postby Andrew Mc » Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:09 am

I recently purchased from BOC a Ryval RY02010021 S/S 2G CO2 35L, side entry regulator, which I am using for CO2 injection in my planted aquarium. As you would expect the regulator on its own is unable to provide a consistent and accurate flow rate at the very low dose setting required, which is in the range 0 – 0.5 litters per minute, or 6 to 24 bubbles a minute.
Regulators supplied through the aquarium trade are of similar specification but come with a needle valve attached to facilitate a consistent and accurate dosing rate within the parameters stated. I have tried a needle vale supplied by B J Industries who supply a very extensive range of gas equipment in the UK but it’s totally unsuitable for this application, as it’s either completely off, or delivering too much. I can get better control with the regulator itself without this valve. I am currently using an xcel flow meter rated 0 – 14 litters a minute which is attached to the regulator instead of the needle valve mentioned and I can achieve reasonable control with this, though a little on the high side but when the solenoid stops the gas supply when the lights go off, it sometimes fails to start again without resetting the flow meter again.

I have also considered purchasing either the WADE-WVA1/B/20, or WVA4/B16 brass Needle Valves but the connections on these valves are incompatible with the regulator’s 3/8” RH outlet and I don’t know whether they would be suitable or not for my application even if they could be adapted with suitable fittings to fit my regulator. At a cost of around £40.00 I would need to be absolutely sure that they would work before purchase. I have spoken with both suppliers and they though the needle valves in question should be ok but weren’t in a position to guarantee them for aquarium use and having proven one wrong I don’t want to get caught again.

I should therefore be most grateful if anyone could recommend a suitable needle valve compatible for this application.
Thanks Andrew Mc.
Andrew Mc
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