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Rohan's Filament barb

Picture of Rohan's Filament Barb, Dawkinsia rohani Picture of Rohan's Filament Barb, Dawkinsia rohani
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Rohan's Filament barb, Imperial Barb
Scientific name:Dawkinsia rohani
Synonyms:Puntius rohani
Origin:India: at the southern tip of the peninsula in the Tamil Nadu state.
Size:Up to 10cm (4")
Recommended tank size:120 x 38cm (120 x 15") minimum, larger would be better for a decent sized shoal.
Tank setup:A spacious tank with plenty of swimming space. Wood and rocks can be used to add interest to the aquascape. Any plants used should be robust as more delicate types are likely to be eaten.
Compatibility:A generally peaceful community fish, but its lively and boisterous nature may stress more timid tankmates. Combine with other lively barbs, larger rasboras and danios, loaches, Garra species, flying foxes and their relatives, rainbowfish and possibly larger tetras such as Buenos Aries tetras.
Temperature:18-26oC (64-79oF)
Water chemistry:Fairly soft to slightly hard and around neutral pH.
Feeding:An omnivore that will eagerly take any food offered, so vary the diet with flake and granular foods, supplemented with live/frozen foods such as daphnia and brine shrimp and also include a veggie component such as algae flakes and blanched household greens.
Sexing:Males are more brightly coloured with more prominent red in the anal and caudal fins. They also develop a pinkish-red flush in the lower half of the body during sparring and spawning behaviour. Females are often a little larger and less colourful.
Breeding:An egg scatterer, no parental care occurs.
Comments: A very lively and boisterous barb that should be provided with plenty of swimming space. These active swimmers will swim and feed at all levels in the tank, and may outcompete more timid fish for food. Juveniles may appear relatively plain apart from the black mark on the rear part of the body, but males in particular develop into very attractive fish with a metallic golden-green sheen.



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