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Nymphaea lotus

Water lily, Tiger Lotus, Red Tiger Lotus, 'Zenkeri'

(Africa and Southeast Asia)

Aquarium UseSpecimen plant Red Tiger Lotus, Nymphaea lotus
Growth RateModerate
Difficulty LevelModerate
Temperature21-28oC (70-82oF)
Water ChemistryNot critical
SubstratePlain gravel or sand, but continued growth boosted by nutrient substrate.
PropagationBy runners
CommentsThese plants may send stems shooting to the surface very rapidly if fertilised. Colour can be very variable with predominantly red or green leaves produced by the same plant. Cultured red varieties may be sold as Nymphaea lotus var Rubra or Red Tiger Lotus. Nymphaea stellata is a similar species with smaller spade-shaped leaves that may be sold under the same common names.


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