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Celestial Pearl Danio

Picture of Celestial Pearl danio Picture of Celestial Pearl danio
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Celestial Pearl Danio, Galaxy Rasbora
Scientific name:Danio margaritatus
Synonyms:Celestichthys margaritatus, Microrasbora sp. "Galaxy"
Size:0.75" (2cm)
Origin:Southeast Asia
Tank setup:Well planted tank.
Compatibility:Peaceful community fish.
Temperature:20-25oC (68-77oF)
Water chemistry:Neutral to slightly alkaline and medium hard water ideal.
Feeding:Accepts most smaller foods: flake, micropellets and frozen foods such as daphnia and cyclops.
Sexing:Females have less intense colouration and clear ventral fins.
Breeding:An egg scatterer - provide spawning mops or fine leaved plants. Remove the adults after spawning to prevent the eggs being eaten. Eggs hatch in about 3-5 days, and the fry should become free-swimming 2-3 days later.
Comments: This striking species appeared in the hobby in late 2006, and was formally described in a new genus as Celestichthys margaritatus in early 2007, but in 2008 was assigned to the Danio genus. Prior to this there was some confusion over the species, and it was initially referred to as a rasbora, before it was found to be related to the danios.



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