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Silver dollar

Picture of Silver Dollars

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Silver dollar
Scientific name:Metynnis hypsauchen
Synonyms:Metynnis calichromus
Size:6" (15cm)
Origin:South America
Tank setup:Large tank (4ft/120cm and at least 18"/45cm high) with plenty of open swimming space. Live plants are likely to be eaten, so tough varieties or artificial plants are recommended.
Compatibility:Larger community fish.
Temperature:24-28oC (75-82oF)
Water chemistry:Not too critical but soft, slightly acidic preferred.
Feeding:Accepts most foods, but diet should be mainly vegetable matter.
Sexing:The anal fin of the male is slightly longer, with more colour.
Breeding:Eggs are layed amongst clumps of plants.
Comments: Metynnis argenteus is very similar to this species, and there are many other species often referred to under the general banner of "Silver Dollar".



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