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Zebra danio

Picture of Zebra danios
Photo © Sean Evans

Common name:Zebra danio
Scientific name:Danio rerio
Synonyms:Brachydanio rerio
Size:Up to 2.5" (6cm)
Tank setup:Planted tank, with open swimming space.
Compatibility:Generally an excellent community fish.
Temperature:18-25oC (64-77oF)
Water chemistry:Not too critical, but fairly soft and slightly acidic ideally.
Feeding:Accepts most aquarium foods - feed flake, granules, etc with frozen/live food supplemented.
Sexing:Females have a rounder shape and are usually slightly larger.
Breeding:Use a temperature at the upper end of the scale and fairly soft water. Breed as a pair in a tank with fine-leaved plants, among which the eggs are scattered. Remove the adults after spawning to prevent the eggs being eaten. Eggs hatch in about 48 hours.
Comments: A hardy and highly active shoaling fish for the upper region of the aquarium. It is recommended that they be purchased as a small group, as individual specimens tend to fade away by themselves. Long-finned varieties and golden/albino colour forms are available. They are occasionally associated with fin-nipping, but this is the exception rather than the norm, and they generally make excellent community fish.




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