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Lake Kutubu Rainbow

Picture of young adult Lake Kutubu Rainbow Picture of mature Lake Kutubu Rainbow
Photos © Sean Evans

Left: Young adult Lake Kutubu Rainbow, Right: Mature adult

Common name:Lake Kutubu Rainbow, Turquoise Rainbow, Blue Rainbow
Scientific name:Melanotaenia lacustris
Size:4" (10cm), females slightly smaller.
Origin:Lake Kutubu, Papua New Guinea
Tank setup:Peaceful planted tank with reasonable water movement and open swimming space.
Compatibility:Community tank - lively but generally peaceful.
Temperature:21-26oC (70-79oF)
Water chemistry:Medium hard, slightly acidic to alkaline (pH 6.8-8.0).
Feeding:Omnivore: will take flake and other dry foods, which should be supplemented with live or frozen foods.
Sexing:Males are more colourful, and deeper bodied in mature fish.
Breeding:Spawn over fine plants. Java moss or spawning mops can be provided. Fry require very fine food.
Comments: These fish make a wonderful addition to the larger community tank. Juveniles often appear relatively dull, but healthy adults are stunning and can change their colour rapidly between various shades of blue, green and gold.




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