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Julidochromis sp. "Gombi"

Picture of Julidochromis sp. Gombi Picture of Julidochromis sp. Gombi
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Gombi Julie
Scientific name:Julidochromis sp. "Gombi"
Size:5" (12.5cm)
Origin:Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
Tank setup:Piles of rocks, with sand substrate. Efficient filtration required.
Compatibility:Not for the community tank, keep with similar sized Tanganyikan cichlids. Do not keep more than one species of Julidochromis together, except in very large tanks.
Temperature:24-27oC (75-81oF)
Water chemistry:Hard and alkaline: pH 7.8-9.0, GH 12-20, KH 14-20 ideally, but at least 6.
Feeding:Micropredator, feed flake, granular and frozen/live foods.
Sexing:Males have a noticeable genital papilla.
Breeding:Cave spawner, use smooth rocks or plant pots for the spawning cave. The eggs and fry are guarded by the parents.
Comments: Many sources refer to this fish as Julidochromis transcriptus "Gombi". However, doubt has been cast on this variant being a subspecies or regional variant of transcriptus(1). This variant grows larger than J. transcriptus and its markings are more similar to J. marlieri or regani.

(1) Mary Bailey - The Chequered Julie, Julidochromis marlieri. Tropical Fish Hobbyist, May 2002.


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